Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Monster Log Book

BREAKING NEWS from the monster factory:

I have published an activity adventure book. I just wanted to say that. Tee hee, I'm really thrilled to have my own copy.

This is a 100 page paperback activity book with three sections. In the first section, there are word searches and secret codes as the log-keeper looks for monsters. In section two, we find a secret door in the back of the closet that leads to a place where monsters live. Log-keepers draw a map, name the monsters, take a quiz, and design their own monsters. In the third section, we have fun with the monsters. There are jokes, games, mazes, craft instructions, poems, and spaces for designing and writing the log-keeper's own ideas.

I'm excited to "field test" the book on actual human subjects :) Available on next week!!